Michele Blood


Michele electrifies every audience!

She is a dynamic, world class act. Her recorded and written works have the power to literally change your life. She discovered MusiVation™ after a near-fatal car accident and not only healed her body, but also went ahead and created great success in her life using her own MusiVation™ discovery.

Many of the world’s greatest teachers use her material for their own personal benefit.

Michele has worked with such renowned teachers as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Jim Cathcart, Robert Kiyosaki and many more. Brian Tracy, world authority on selling, comments, “Michele has put together materials that bring about permanent behavioral change. There is something in the human being that is naturally drawn by music, and you do not need to have any musical ability at all; all you have to do is hear the message combined with the music and it becomes part of you forever.”

Michele is gifted with the awareness...

and the unprecedented talent to successfully impact people spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically. MusivationTM is quickly becoming an industry in itself and has assisted hundreds of thousands of people and companies all over the world in creating well-being and great success in every area of their personal lives or business. Due to our growing market, MusivationTM products and seminars have expanded into business, sales, relationships, health and the weight control industries.

Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady with a diverse business arena.

In addition to creating Michele’s MusivationTM products and seminars, she also performs at concerts and other venues. Michele produced and hosted “Michele’s M-Power Show”. M-Power is a self-improvement talk show on which Michele interviews the world’s leading experts - from music and children’s topics to health and business. Michele also has another new TV show with Tony Alessandra & Jim Cathcart titled, “Re-Think Yourself.” Michele has been featured in many publications worldwide including Marie Claire, Think and Grow Rich, Success, Female and many others. She has appeared on many other TV shows all over the world and literally on hundreds of radio stations. Michele’s MusiVation is truly helping the world turn around to the positive!


MusiVation™ has found a totally unique niche within the vast field of self-improvement. For the first time, here is a product line and training system that combines two of the most powerful and fastest-growing industries in the world - modern music and self- improvement. Michele Blood is the creator of MusiVation™, and she has expanded her product line and seminars into the business, health, metaphysical, sales, and weight control industries. MusiVation™ is being regarded as one of the great psychological discoveries for the new millennium.

MusiVation™ is now in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, the United States, and later this year, Europe.

Seminar participants in the self-improvement industry today include a lot of people who give up early and lose sight of their goals because they feel like it takes up too much time and involves far too much discipline. MusiVation™ overcomes these obstacles. This is why MusiVation™ is so effective and is fast becoming a whole new industry in itself.

MusiVation™ is entertaining and fun; people naturally want to keep listening to it over and over. With MusiVation™, they keep coming back for more, whether it be to improve finances, health, weight, sales or relationships.

MusiVation™ affects both sides of the brain, left and right, so that the learning process is rapidly accelerated. The music, along with the positive lyrics, flows directly into the subconscious mind, without giving the conscious mind a chance to become bored or reject it. This is why advertising companies worldwide invest millions of dollars in product jingles - because they know that, as more people listen to the jingle and as the jingle is implanted in their minds forever, so is their product!

You see, MusiVation™ is literally advertising to one’s mind positive and successful thoughts that quickly eliminate old paradigms (beliefs of the past). “I can’t do it,” “I’ll always be fat so why try to change,” and “I’ll never be a success,” is changed to “I CAN DO IT,” “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE,” “I AM NOW MY PERFECT WEIGHT,” “I AM A MAGNET TO MONEY,” and “SUCCESS IS MINE.” It is amazingly simple, effective and powerful!


Michele’s M-Power show is powerful and life changing. Michele interviews 3 guests per show, about the benefits of their products. The M-Power guests are all experts in the self-improvement industry i.e.: authors, musicians and inventors. Each M-Power guest is interviewed for one approximate 9 minute segment, by Michele Blood. The interview is a means of direct selling their self-improvement product through M-Power.

Michele’s M-Power shows have taken the extremely successful Direct selling industry and taken it to the next level. How? By having it formatted in such a way that at first the audience thinks it is a fabulous entertainment talk show similar to Rosie or Oprah. Michele’s vast experience in the entertainment field internationally has created a wonderful fun interview style that her audiences adore. Michele has the ability at the same time to have her guest presented in such a way that they are the star attraction. This is vital in an infomercial show, as the audience then desires what this star has to offer which of course are their products.

With M-Power we have three segments with three individual self-improvement products and the call to action is almost continuous as on home shopping channels. Home shopping channels have been doing this style of direct selling successfully for years where they will have products sold in shorter time segments with the item and telephone numbers almost continuously displayed.

When just one product is advertised in an infomercial for 30 minutes, most viewers' attention span has already shifted (unless the infomercial is exceptional) and they are off “surfing” other channels. With M-Power we have the best of all these successful ideas and more in an entertaining format which keeps the viewers interested.

Michele’s ability to get the positive messages across of her guests products and the many benefits of their product, whether it is for growing rich, beauty, weight control or music is magnetic. Michele team researched thousands of products and people before deciding on the most credible, marketable products for her shows. Michele has a long history of great sales internationally with her own MusiVation™ products. (See M-Power Guests and Products) Each M-Power guest is either an owner and/or actual author of said product.

Most infomercials generally introduce a brand new product and test market it for a short while to determine if the product does well and then whether to continue airing the Infomercial from the test market results, if the product does not do well this first time the whole thing is usually dropped or only given one more test with perhaps some editing changes so it is quite a high risk factor. The opportunity and difference with M-Power is that 70% of the products have already been out in the marketplace and/or the author has had other products on the market that had proven sales results.

We air the shows until such time as we find the best selling areas and time slots. If we find one particular product is not doing well in one show we swap that segment to another show with other products that complement it’s benefits. We also sell the products through the M-Power Catalog (See Marketing & Publicity) and other channels. Doing this creates far more opportunities for sales because we are not solely relying on TV sales. We know and totally believe in the success of each product and realize that many times it is simply researching through testing many areas that leads to SUCCESS. We are totally committed to M-Power’s Success. We have invested 3 years into its formulation, product research and actual creation

Another bonus with the products sold which is again quite unique is the guests give us the products on consignment so even if a product was slow to sell we still have many more products which greatly reduces financial risk. Another huge plus is we have not lost any money on duplication costs as the products are on consignment. This also gets a lot of positive products out there to the world before they have hit the retail arena. We also plan to turn the M-Power shows into radio shows, which simply requires adding voiceovers in audio post.

Michele Blood produced the M-Power shows and employed three of the top production companies in the country, to shoot “Creative Entertainment Group” (CEG) in Los Angeles, CA, “Spotlight Productions” in Dallas, TX and “Bob Hoffman's Video Productions” in San Diego, CA. These shows were shot at different locations including Bel Air CA, Dallas TX and La Jolla CA. The beautiful locations chosen give the shows a fresh and luxurious look, which is so very important for the viewer’s entertainment. M-Power is currently warehousing the products of all the guests and we are about to M-Power the international airwaves!

Musivation™ Seminars

This seminar experience...

...was created by Michele Blood and is based upon her exciting psychological, accelerated learning technique, MusiVation™. These seminars and workshops are fun and extremely powerful. Michele gets the whole audience to participate in the powerful Affirmation songs that cover the topic of each seminar, e.g. Be A Magnet to Money, Success, Create Miracles, and other topics that are based on individual and company requirements. This technique affects both sides of the brain, left and right, which, in turn, greatly accelerates the learning process. Michele then teaches the topic interactively with the audience. The MusiVation™ experience is easily recalled when the participants subsequently hear these songs or read the lyrics. The seminar experience is accessed via the music through right-brain encoding and information retrieval.

International Keynote and Seminar Speaking/Training PACKAGE 2009

Companies worldwide that have been using MusiVation™...

...have improved their results beyond expectation, and now, the word has spread. Some of the international companies that have benefited from the MusiVation™ experience are: Nestle, Shell Oil, Motorola, Prudential Insurance, Government Secretaries, Cosway, and Remax. International promoters have organized very large MusiVation™ public seminars designed to reach families in many different cultures and countries. Music truly is the international language.

Brian Tracy, world authority on selling, says,

“Michele has put together materials that bring about permanent behavioral change. There is something in the human being which is naturally drawn by music, and you do not need to have any musical ability at all; all you have to do is hear the message combined with the music and it becomes part of you forever.So, if you desire to have yourself and your business career go from where it is now to where you truly desire it to be and have your life transformed, then the MusiVation™ experience with Michele is a must.”

Exciting Offer

If you would love to have Michele Blood come and speak...

...to your team or do a special live seminar event for you without having to pay her normal fees, all you have to do is purchase 500 books and Michele will fly to where ever you are and lift up your event/team. This is a limited time offer (for USA only).

At the live event Michele will go through definite plans and actions to lift you up into higher states consciousness and to greater achievement and success. She will also cover the Levels discussed in this book in more depth and do a Q& A at the end of the event for your participants to gain even greater clarity and learning.

International Keynote and Seminar Speaking/Training PACKAGE 2009