Michele is gifted with the awareness and the unprecedented talent to successfully impact people spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically. Musivation™ is quickly becoming an industry in itself and has assisted hundreds of thousands of people and companies all over the world in creating well-being and great success in every area of their personal lives or business. Due to our growing market, MusivationTM products and seminars have expanded into business, sales, relationships, health and the weight control industries.

MusiVation™ has found a totally unique niche within the vast field of self-improvement. For the first time, here is a product line and training system that combines two of the most powerful and fastest-growing industries in the world - modern music and self- improvement. Michele Blood is the creator of MusiVation™, and she has expanded her product line and seminars into the business, health, metaphysical, sales, and weight control industries. MusiVation™ is being regarded as one of the great psychological discoveries for the new millennium.

Michele’s M-Power show is powerful and life changing. Michele interviews 3 guests per show, about the benefits of their products. The M-Power guests are all experts in the self-improvement industry i.e.: authors, musicians and inventors. Each M-Power guest is interviewed for one approximate 9 minute segment, by Michele Blood. The interview is a means of direct selling their self-improvement product through M-Power. Michele’s M-Power shows have taken the extremely successful Direct selling industry and taken it to the next level. How? By having it formatted in such a way that at first the audience thinks it is a fabulous entertainment talk show similar to Rosie or Oprah. Michele’s vast experience in the entertainment field internationally has created a wonderful fun interview style that her audiences adore. Michele has the ability at the same time to have her guest presented in such a way that they are the star attraction. This is vital in an infomercial show, as the audience then desires what this star has to offer which of course are their products.

There is an undeniable force that regulates the magnitude of your success, and this is in the power of your thoughts. Learn how to use your mind now and Be A Magnet to SUCCESS! Money is freedom- freedom to live out your dreams and to travel this beautiful world wherever and whenever you choose. This powerful seminar experience with Michele Blood is one of the most simple and yet greatest psychological discoveries of our time. Now you can shower your mind with the same concepts that wealthy people have studied and applied for years. These concepts with the power of MusiVation™ affect both hemispheres of the brain so that old conditioning and fears of the past are quickly and consciously replaced with new, positive thoughts. Before you know it, you and your business will Be Magnets to Money.

This revolutionary new book will open your consciousness to the truth of what wealth really is. This book could be the magic lamp you have been searching for! This book goes deep... deeper than you may have ever experienced before. If you only knew the omnipotent power that you can plug into, your life would be breath taking.

Positive Sucess RingTones for your cell phone. Michele has created these positive success ringtones using her own voice in addition to the powerful statements coming from well known motivational, success speakers.